Friday, November 2, 2007


Here are the kids in their costumes! Adriann was a Barbie Princess, The Princess of the Rainbow. She was so excited to wear makeup! We put the spongy rollers in her hair so it was all curley for the trunk-or-treat party at church on Friday night, but then forgot to do it for Halloween night. Kenyon was a "Ghost Pirate". He had 2 outfits, one to play in around the house and then a warmer one to go trick-or-treating in. He carries his swords everywhere with him and even sleeps with them. It's so funny. They had so much fun and got too much Candy!! We are just letting them eat it all so that it will be gone and done with!!


The Hamlin Family said...

Kim...I've been checking your blog and I was so excited to see your kids in their Halloween costumes. They look adorable...and so grown up. It's crazy!!! I don't even recognize Adriann anymore. Looks like you had a busy Halloween holiday with tons to do.
PS...Love the curly hair!!!

The Hamlin Family said...

Oh yeah...we switched our blog to:

Dara said...

I swear to god, one of the only reason's I want kids is to dress them up for Halloween. You're kids are TOO cute!