Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kenyon's Birthday

Kenyon had such a fun birthday. He had no school and so I told him he could do whatever he wanted. All he wanted to do was watch TV! So he got a ton of tube time and I made his cake. Yeah it took me all day, I know it doesn't look like it was hard, but for some reason it took me forever! It's sopposed to be a light saber. He likes Star Wars right now and wanted a Light Saber cake, so this was the best I could do.

Kenyon's Birthday Wish was that it would rain DS's and video games! We told him that was the only way he would ever get one, so keep on wishing!!!

Talking to Grandma and Grandpa telling them thanks for his FAVORITE present, no not the helmet he is wearing, but an ELECTRIC BLANKET for his bed!! He wants to sleep with us every night because we have a heater blanket, and so all he asked for for his birthday, well except for having it rain DS's, was a heater blanket!! Thank you for a night of peaceful sleeping!

Gammy and Papa Ganir got him a McDonalds Gift Card and he could not wait to use it!

Auntie Rachel is always so awesome with her money gifts!! Kenyon took his sweet time at the store today figuring out what he wanted. (look below)

He finally decided on 3 Bakugan figures! I still don't know what in the world Bakugan's are or do, but he loves them and at least these ones don't transform into balls, so I don't have to constantly be stepping on them or listening to the kids throwing them on the ground so they pop open into some strange creature! Thanks auntie for the fun gift!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy #5 Kenyon!!

Can't believe that my little guy is 5! This is one of my favorite pictures of him!! I love his vampire teeth!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Did you know that if you take your SIM card out of your phone, it can still call the police? Kamden called the police twice from my cardless phone last night and the cops came to our house because I yelled "get off the phone" when he was playing with my phone and they thought I had yelled "get off of me"!! It was a big misunderstanding, but at least I know the police will be to my house in less than 1 minute if I ever need them!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adriann's 7th Birthday Party

Adriann and Kenyon's Birthdays are 3 weeks apart, so we have always done their parties together. Plus their friends have always been siblings, so it just seemed more cost effective to have a joint party. Well since all of those sibling friends have moved away, thanks military, they don't really have any friends that are from the same family.

So this year we started to plan their joint party and Adriann informed me that she wanted only girls! So I figured she was old enough that yeah she probably didn't want little boys at her party, plus she wanted to do a girl themed party. We started trying to figure out who to invite. She wanted to invite her whole school class! 25 kids! I said, how about just the girls. There are 15 girls in her class!! So then we said, how about just your girl church friends? There are a whole lot less than 15 at church. So she picked out all by herself who she wanted to come. Plus the adorable girl we carpool with since she invited Adriann to her party, you know all this party politics is driving me nuts!! So she invited some friends, had a princess themed party and it was a blast. They had pizza, made candy bracelets, played pin the jewel on the crown, ate cake, and had popcorn while watching Barbie and The Three Musketeers!!

Adriann turned 7!!

Adriann turned 7 last week! I can't believe she is so old. Here is her cake that she got to decorate all by herself. She was so proud of it! I got this new big cupcake pan for Christmas and couldn't wait to put it to use.
She wanted pancakes for breakfast with candles in them so she could blow them out. I don't know why I didn't realize that if you put wax candles in HOT pancakes, they melt!! We had to make her new pancakes after that! Whoops!
She picked out the flavors for her cake, strawberry on top and chocolate on the bottom!
She got a new dress from Grandma and Grandpa! It's Roxy and she was so excited about it and kept telling me that she had a Roxy dress. I didn't even know that she knew what that meant, but apparently she does, so thanks Grandma and Grandpa, you made her day! She also got a McDonalds gift card from Gammie and Papa and can't wait to use it. She asks every day if she can go.
Adriann loves anything art related, so we got her an art set. She is getting some good miles out of it! She makes us pictures everyday!

Auntie Rachel sent her some money and so we took her to Ikea and got her the Art Easel that she has been wanting for a while. She has it up in her room and uses her art kit with it. She is just in heaven! Thanks Auntie!!

Happy Birthday to our little girl! WE love you and can't believe how grown up you are!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outdated Disneyland Post - Originally from in October

I forgot to post our pictures from Disneyland, and I just found the disc with all the pictures, so here they are. Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween, it was fun to see all the pumpkins and spooky things they had set up around the park.

Kenyon's gun that he got as his souvenir.
We only got to see 3 princesses, and this was by far the prettiest!!
After you meet with the princesses they have this gift shop that has all of their dresses!! It was a little girls heaven!!
The kids got to see Mickey in his house, they were surprised! They didn't know he would be in there.

Waiting in line for the Haunted House. It was all done up like the Nightmare before Christmas. I thought the original was better, guess I'll have to go back!!

Kenyon shooting guns.

After the Buzz Lightyear game, by far one of the best rides!

Testing our strength in Toon Town.

Such a cute picture!!

Kenyon wiped out by the end. We got their at opening and stayed until they kicked us out. It was such a fun day.

The day after Disneyland. It totally rained on us here. We were so lucky to have gone on the day we did. It rained the rest of the week.

Christmas Day

This is honestly the best picture I could get of all the kids Christmas Morning. They were too excited and Kamden just would not sit still. Santa gave them their new pajamas, and they each got a "If you give a Mouse a...." book with the matching stuffed animal. They were very excited.

Kamden had more fun with all the boxes than the actual presents. He had such an exhausting day, he took about 8 naps!

Adriann loved her princess figurines.

Kenyon with his annual jersey from Dad.

The kids big gift this year was a trampoline!! Akoni's boss gave us his old one since his kids are too old to use it anymore, and someone had given it to them, so they wanted to pass it on. It has no net and so there are lots of rules about jumping, but the kids love it!
We had such a fun Christmas with it being just our family. We would have loved to have been with extended family, but sometimes it nice to just have it be our own time. Hope you all had a good Christmas too!!

Kamden Walking

Here is Kamden showing off his stuff. He just turned 11 months this weekend! Wow how time has flown by.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition that on Christmas Eve we open all of our presents from extended family so that Christmas is just about our family. The kids had a fun time opening gifts from cousins and Grandparents. Then we set out the cookies, carrots and milk for santa and his reindeer. While we were getting the older two ready for bed we heard a noise in the front room and Kamden was in eating all the cookies!! It was the classic, I thought that Akoni had the baby, he thought I did and he didn't know that we had set the cookies out already. I forgot to get a picture because there was milk spilt and I had to get it all cleaned up. It was funny but then santa got boring plain cookies with no frosting.....oh well.

Kamden on his new toy. He loves to ride it around, now that he has figured it out!!
Adriann with her new scarfs from her aunty Rachel!!

Kenyon with his tank that I swear he sleeps with he likes it so much!

The stockings and original cookies all layed out and ready for Santa!

More Pre-Christmas Fun

We lots of fun during Christmas Break. Here are the kids decorating Gingerbread houses. I honestly couldn't get a serious picture of them, so here's the best there is.

We also did the annual trip to Macy's to write our postcard to Santa. They have this table set up with postcards that you can fill out and then put in the mailbox. They love to do it every year.

Santa gave the option of getting a candy cane or reindeer antlers after you sat on his lap this year. I loved this option!! Aren't they the cutest? It's great because Kenyon hates candy canes, and so he is always sad afterwards because he doesn't get anything from santa. So he got these this year and was so excited!

We also battled some illnesses this break. Kenyon had a few days where he was breaking out in full body hives with fevers, and then after Christmas Adriann had fevers for about 5 days! Not fun, but I'm glad it was during the break and didn't take them away from school.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun things leading up to Christmas

I'm finally getting around to blogging about Christmas!! Now that we've switched to 1:00 church, I have plenty of time to waste time in the morning!!

Here is our house all decorated! It was so much fun to be able to put up lights this year.

We had to babygate off our tree so that we could put our presents under it. It was nice because it not only kept the baby out, but the other kids too. One time though, Kamden was standing on the couch and actually fell into the presents! It was kind of funny!

Here are our stockings. I love having a fireplace finally that we can hang stockings on!!

Adriann's school had a program at school and this is her after they got done singing about the Coffee harvest in Mexico! I miss the traditional "Christmas programs", but what can ya do!! She is going to a Dual Language program school where they learn Spanish and English, so they sang their song in Spanish. I'm amazed how much she is learning!

The kids with Santa at our mall. We didn't put Kamden in the picture because we were going to go back and get a nice one of them in nicer clothes all together, but I guess we forgot!