Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March!

After our Home Depot Spring Break Camp activity today, the kids and I went to Carmel beach so that we could feed the chipmunks. I have had a bag of peanuts sitting in the cupboard for months that I forgot about from the last time we fed the chipmunks and had put it in my car so some time this week we could use them, so I thought we might as well use them today. It was a beautiful day and figured we might as well take advantage because who knows how long it will last. It was a spur of the moment thing and I was unprepared for a beach outing, so just remember is our adventure:

When we got there I tried to get a decent picture of the kids in hope of replacing the ones on my mantle that are over 2 years old. This is the best I could get. It's more difficult with 3, but it does show their personalities.

Kamden finally smiling when he got a cookie.

This rope swing is a new addition. The kids had a blast on it.

Another attempt at getting the 3 of them to look good.

Beautiful view of Pebble Beach.

This is a picture with me yelling in the background "Don't get in the water, I don't have any clothes for you or any towels if you get wet!" (forshadow?)

Kamden luckily was content to just sit and play in the sand.

I don't know if you can tell, but he is wearing a seaweed necklace. He loves to put necklaces on and he found this and put it on all by his self.
And then he tried to eat it.

Kenyon looking kinda wet......

And this is why mom said not to play in the water..........
Running from the waves...
Adriann looking soaking wet....
But loving every minute of it!

My final attempt at getting a group photo and it was a success!!! Well it was better than the other two!!

Back feeding the squirrels. Kamden was so excited whenever he would see one, it's in the tree.

Adriann have a blast on the swing!
We had such a fun time, even with all the wet kids and them having to ride home naked!! Next time I will definitely bring clothes and towels.

Our maiden camping voyage!! WE survived!!

This past weekend we went camping at a state park up in Capitola. It was a fun first experience for our family!! We are really wanting to get into it with the kids, so we did a trial run to see how they would do. Overall it was a great time, except for Kenyon getting soooo cold at night that he peed in his sleeping bag! Good thing we were only staying one night and good thing we had just kicked him out of our bed!! Next time I will do a better job of making sure the kiddos are super warm at night. My bad!

This is the beach that was down a big staircase. But it was gorgeous! After we got our camp set up we took the kids there to run around before we had dinner. Next time I would want to spend more time at the beach, but we didn't have a lot of daylight left before we needed to start out fire and eat dinner.

Our tent that we had to get. I say "had" to get because we do have a tent, but when I was putting it up in our garage to make sure that it still worked, one of the poles was split and I got 3 of my fingers full of fiberglass splinters! Yeah that's how old it is. It's the tent that my family used to go camping in, so we decided that it was time to get a new tent. And this one is awesome!!
The front part of the tent is screened, so you can zip it off from the rest of the tent and this is where we put all of dirty stuff, shoes and coolers that we didn't want in with all of our sleeping stuff. It was a great idea. It is a great tent and will be really nice in our future camp trips!

This is getting ready for dinner. We did it really easy since we don't have a cooking stove yet, so we went with roasting hot dogs over the fire, chips, gogurts, water, strawberries, and s'mores for dessert. We also tried a banana chocolate chip thing that you roast in the coals, but it didn't really work.

Kamden was happy eating off the ground! Just kidding, he ate in a chair. He is just getting the Nillas he dropped.

This is the next morning. Kenyon was trying to get warm since he woke up frozen in his pee.
Kamden's chair that he happily sat in and ate in the whole time. He was soooo good on this trip. I really thought it would be hard with him, but he just hung out in the chair, slept great and had a blast!!

Yes, Breakfast of Champions! Donuts, Bagels with cream cheese, and Orange Juice. Like I said, we don't have a stove and I wanted meals to be easy this time.
This is the view from where the campsites are. You gotta pay more to have a spot with this view, but I thought our spot was great, right by the bathrooms (yes that was a requirement with the kids, to have bathrooms), and right by the trail to the beach.
It was so much fun and we are looking forward to going camping again this summer. But we decided that we have to have an activity to do while camping, otherwise the kids are going to go stir crazy. Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

17 Mile and Cypress Point

Dad had to work late yesterday so we went to visit him. As we waited for him to get back to work we took a drive on 17 mile and stopped to take a few pictures. It was so windy right by the water as you can tell from Adriann's hair. And it was cold, but apparently she has warm blood and would NOT wear her jacket!
This was right in front of Cypress, look at the water! It was such a beautiful blue and so clear.
After we met Dad and took a drive around the course to check it out and let the kids run around. Then we had to stop at the kitchen and get a cookie!! Such a fun day, this is why I love living here.

Happy 31st Birthday to Akoni!!

Akoni's 31st Birthday was last week. The kids were so excited. We got him some balloons that the kids could not stop talking about getting all week.

I let the kids pick out whatever they wanted to get him, so Kenyon chose Spongebob Memory. This is Kenyon's favorite game. My brother got it for the kids for Christmas, and we HAVE to play it every night! So when Kenyon saw the spongebob version, he said "Dad would love this. This is for me and him to share!"
Adriann chose Sorry! She has been wanting to play this game for a while and so she thought it would be the perfect gift for Dad.
The night ended with dinner at Oh Sushi, Cold Stone and a movie. Such a fun night, Happy Birthday Babe, Love you tons!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St. Patricks Day! I know it's late, but here's what we did. The kids got their cute Green shirts to wear so that they didn't get pinched. It was such a big deal to Adriann this year, it was so funny.

Then for dinner the kids wanted Green Pancakes and Green milk. At least they ate it because last year they would not eat their green eggs for breakfast!

The night before we made the Leppy Traps! This is Adriann gathering clovers to lure the Leprechauns into our trap.
Construction of the box.
Trap completed! The thought was that the Leprechaun would climb up the ladders to get the clovers (not sure why), and then fall thru the stuff covering the box and then they wouldn't be able to get out! Such a brilliant plan that the kids came up with!
Adriann's note, I think she somehow knew and probably wished that we would not catch a Leprechaun!
"Dear Lep. Hi my name is Adriann I was just happy that it's St. Patricks Day okay. If you don't get stuck please leave us some candy."
And Alas, we did not catch a Leprechaun this year, even though we had such a tricky trap. Maybe next year. But he did leave some chocolate gold coins, so who could really complain!

Throwing Tantrums and Hiding Places

Kamden learned how to throw a tantrum! He gets mad and throws whatever is in his hands and then lays down on the ground like this and whines. It's kind of funny, but I am foreseeing this to not be funny in public. Gotta break this before it becomes a habit!

This is Kamden's new favorite hiding place. He will actually go in and shut the door and be absolutely quiet and wait till someone finds him. I have to always look here first when he disappears on me.


We decided the other night to finally use our firepit and see how it works. Well we made some delicious s'mores and warmed our bodies by the fire. It was so much fun! Well worth it to put it in. Hopefully we'll get lots of use out of it on cold nights!