Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

After a full day of trying to see the movie........sopposed to see it at 2:30, but decided to take Kamden with us because the babysitter we were sharing would have had to watch 6 kids and I wanted to make it easier for her, ended up seeing 10 minutes of the movie because Kamden was sooooooo loud and I was getting shushed! So we took him out and had a fun 2 hours walking around the mall waiting for our friends to finish the movie. Finally at 8pm my very good friend Lisa came over and sat with the kids after they were asleep (yeah right) and we got to see the movie at 8:30. I LOVED IT!!!! I hated the first one, but I am so satisfied with this one. There were obvious things left out and things changed, but overall it was not bad. One that I would definitely rent and watch Jacob again!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Seriously? What happened to Orange slices at Half Time?

Don't you think this is a big much? This was the snack bag that my kids brought home after Kenyon's soccer game last week. This was ONE SNACK BAG! I thought this was a little overboard.......These kids are 5 years old!!

Birthday cake

This was a cake that I made for my friend Ember's husband for his birthday. This was the Third attempt to make that golf ball. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I finally found an actual ball cake pan, and it worked!
These are some decorations that I made for our house. I was very proud of myself because I had all of this on hand! I guess that bag of bird seed finally came in handy!The kids helped me paint these bags for the pumpkins. They were so fun to make and can still stay up thru Thanksgiving!
These are my blocks that I FINALLY finished. I know they look plain, but if I try to do anything else to them, I will ruin them, so they are finished by my standards. And they match the frames around them. Someday when we get a mantle they will sit under that big picture behind them.
This was right after the Trunk or Treat at our church on Friday night. I am on the committee and so it was so busy and totally forgot to get a picture of them before, but they looked the same after.

Kenyon wore his Pirate costume that he wore when he was 2, I still can't believe that he fits in it. Adriann wore this awesome princess dress that I got on sale a few years ago for $3! She almost fits into it, but she wanted to wear it.
The kids with their loot!

This was lunch on Halloween before we went to the mall to go Trick or Treating. It was soooooo crowded and there were way to many adults dressed up Trick or Treating. And some were kind of creepy, and not in a Halloween kind of way!
This was Halloween night after the mall. Kenyon changed his costume again right before we went trick or treating around our neighborhood. He was so tired and had put on his pajamas, but really wanted to go, so he threw on his robe and said he was a couch potato! I gotta remember that for next year......a totally free costume!

WEll this year we didn't go to the pumpkin patch. The had pumpkins at our local Save Mart that were huge and only $3, so we just went ahead and bought them. I know, lame, but we just didn't have time, be only bought them a week ago, so bad planning on the parents part!

This year the kids actually stuck their hands into the pupkins, but again, the carving and everything else was left to mom and dad. So only 2 pumpkins got carved. And we tried to do cool designs, but next year, I think we will just do the typical pumpkin face. This was too much work.