Monday, December 10, 2007

Cute pics of the kids

Here are just some cute pictures of the kids. The one with their sunglasses on was when we were staying at the hotel between moving out of our condo and into the house and we were really bored, so the kids were being funny.
We went shopping and the weather was so great we had to get a shot by the fountain.
This is just Adriann being adorable. It's rare that she is so angelic, so I had to capture it!!
Adriann is getting so excited for Christmas. She wants me to take pictures all the time of her just holding presents.

The Boot!

Well here is the long awaited picture of my famous BOOT! For those of you that don't know, I ripped my fasha. I have no idea how to spell it except O-U-C-H!! I have planter faciatus and bone spurs in both my feet and have been trying to not have surgery. If I had surgery I would have to be off of each foot for 6 weeks! So you see why I have been putting off the surgery. Well with my luck, as I was carrying some heavy stuff last saturday, I felt something rip in my foot. I went to see my doctor 3 days later, hey we were moving and I didn't have time, and he told me what had happened. Basically I had the surgery without the surgery. So it was a good thing. But now I have to wear this boot for at least a month and put absolutely no pressure on my foot when the boot is off. Then I have to wear it on the other foot for a few weeks to hopefully relieve pressure from that foot because I am having to use it to walk the most. So that's what's going on with me right now. And as you can tell from my picture I am THRILLED to have the boot.

Christmas Lights?

We went to go and look at Christmas lights for Family Night tonight. Remember the tradition of Pecock Lane? For those of you from Oregon, you probably went there as a kid. Anyway, there is a street here called Candy Cane Lane and they all decorate their houses and so we wanted to go and see it with the kids. Akoni had never done it, last year Grandma Jodi and I took Adriann to see the lights. So anyway, this is what happened to the kids before we even left our driveway!!! Oh well, the lights weren't anything worth waking them up for!!


We finally found a house to rent!! We have been searching since the day we moved here, almost 2 years ago, for a house that we would be able to afford and we found the jackpot with this house!! I will post pictures of it when we finally have no boxes laying around. We are in the "where do we put everything on the walls?" phase. So bare with us and look for pictures to follow!!