Sunday, June 20, 2010


We had some friends staying with us this week, and so for Father's Day we made our husbands, and another friend that was staying with us also, these Father's Day Mini "Burgers"!! They were so much fun to make and turned out so delicious! We had to make them last night and give them to the guys last night since they are all working at the US Open today and then going back home, so we wanted to make sure they all got them before they left.

The bun is a cupcake, the patty is a brownie with icing as condiments, and sugar cookie fries!

Monday, June 14, 2010

fun at the US Open (practice round)

Today we took the kids to a practice round of the US Open here at Pebble Beach. It was perfect weather to be pushing strollers around and chasing crying kids!! Overall it was a lot of fun, but we won't be taking the kids back to the actual tournament later this week! Our friend Tyler is working at the tournament and he and his wife Heather and their daughter are staying with us. So we braved the tournament today with everyone, but Heather and I will be doing it sans children later!

Here's Akoni and the kids walking across one of the fairways.

Watching Padraig Harrington.

I swear I got a picture of these guys, but Kenyon was playing with my camera and he must have erased it.

Our family on our way out, we were all a little exhausted.

Lucky guy...

Here's Kenyon and our friend Tyler and his daughter Tristen. Those two were so tired of walking, but were good sports.

Adriann pushing an empty stroller that she wished she was riding in!

Kamden zonked out.
Kenyon exhausted in the car on the way home.
Adriann sleeping in the car also.
And Tristen finally fell asleep right when we got home!

Akoni with Scott Vanpelt from ESPN (sportscenter). He got this after we had left.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun at the Beach

We had to drop something off at Akoni's work to day, and I love driving by this log and always want to get the kids picture. Well I know they aren't dressed very cute, but I got a picture.

Then we headed to the beach. Asilomar is so perfect for them because there are tons of coves, but there was so much seaweed out today that everything stunk. We had to actually move spots because I almost threw up it smelled so bad.

Here is Kamden being held back from wanting to run into the water.
I made her wear pants that she could pull up because I knew the "no going into the water" doesn't last long.
We found a dead crab.
Kamden carried this bag around. Then he was chasing the seagulls away when he put the bag down and they started eating all his cheetos. It was so funny. He kept running all over the beach chasing them.

Aunty Rachel came to visit!

Aunt Rachel came to visit for the night. Akoni and Kenyon went to the A's game, so Adriann, Kamden, and I went to dinner at CPK with aunty, had Cold Stone and rented Alice and Wonderland! It was fun to have her here for the night, and in the morning the kids HAD to go for a ride in her fun jeep!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


The weather was soooo nice when we got home from school today. Our neighbor has a granddaughter that visits a lot and my kids love to play with her. She was there today and had her pools out! The kids had a few friends over and spent a few hours playing in the pools till the fog rolled in. We all got sunburned. I guess it's time to get the sun screen out!

Adriann Graduated from 1st Grade!!

Adriann before her last day of school. Notice how she is dressed for cool weather? Well at home it was cold.....

I took the kids we carpool with out to donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. I was actually on time to pick them up and got them to school early!!
Adriann's class had a party and I was in charge of the Limbo! It was a hit!
Accepting her graduation certificate from her teacher.
Yes! She passed!! It's official! (See how red her face is? It ended up being soooo hot at school. Everyone was not dressed for the change in the weather!)
Saying goodbye to Ms. Milam!