Monday, August 29, 2011

First Soccer Games

The kids had their first soccer games this weekend. Adriann's team didn't have their banner finished so we had to meet early and get it done. 13 girls and lots of glitter, it was quite a mess, but they had so much fun doing it. I'm glad we didn't do it for them.

A dad of one of the girls drew the mustang on the poster and then each girl decorated their own horseshoe to go around it. I think it turned out pretty good.

Kenyon getting all warmed up for his game.

Running around on the field. He showed lots of improvement from last year.

Since Adriann is on an all girls team, they play the other all girls teams in the district. The only problem was that the other teams just started a few days ago, so we didn't have a team to play. So a bunch a girls from the co-ed teams played against our team. They had so much fun and Adriann did really good. I think this is going to be such a great season.

San Fran!

We went up to San Fran for the day last week. We went to Golden Gate Park and they have this really cool slide that you sit on cardboard and slide down. It was a huge hit with the boys. By the end Kamden didn't even need any help. He would pick up his piece of cardboard and hike up the stairs and slide down all by himself. Adriann did it a few times, but she was wearing white pants and didn't want to get them all dirty!

Here we are with 3 of Akoni's cousins that we visited while we were there. It was fun to meet them and hang out for a few hours. We went to dinner at a yummy chinese place and had ice cream at a create your own type of place. Huge hit with the kids!

Soccer Opening Day Ceremonies!

Soccer time is upon us once again. This year we have two kids in the league and it's gonna be a CRAZY season! Kenyon is in the U8 division this year and so he is one of the youngest on his team. Adriann decided that she wanted to play this year. They made a U10 all girls team and she is loving it! Since she hasn't played for 2 years we were kind of worried that she would be really shy on the field, but with it being all girls she is having a blast. Her coach is amazing also. He is the CSUMB girls Basketball coach and so he has them running drills and running around the field during practice. She comes home from practice exhausted! It's going to be a great season!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School!!

Yesterday was the kids first day of school!! Yes, I know we start early, but honestly I could not have done another month of summer......and the kids were sooooo ready to go back. Adriann had her backpack packed about 3 weeks ago and the day before school she woke up super early and started packing her lunch. I had to tell her that she had to wait or her sandwich would be soggy!

We put both kids in our local elementary this year and it's only 1 mile away, so we are walking everyday that we can. Which means as long as it's not raining, we will walk! It's been nice for 2 days so far. We have a friend that we meet on the corner and walk with her and her two kids. There are a few more moms that live around us that we are trying to convince to walk with us, but it's not looking too promising. I even got new shoes since my podiatrist said that my shoes were horrible and not helping my foot problems. So after my 3rd cortisone shot today I got some new shoes and 4 miles later my foot is numb and feeling good!!

Here are the annual first day of school by the door with the backpack pictures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun thing for the Kids!


*Receive a presidential congratulations card addressed to your new infant with official signature from the President!

Send your baby's name, address, and birthdate to:

White House Greetings Office
Room 39
Washington, DC 20500

This is tons of fun, we have done this for all of our kids!