Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break part 1 - San Diego

Our spring break started out this year by going down to San Diego to visit some good friends the Oconers that used to live in our ward and moved there a little bit ago. We had to take advantage of Ember while we were there and get our hair done! Adriann has been wanting to get her hair cut and there was no way I was going to cut it short, so Ember did it and it turned out super cute!

She wanted an A-line and bangs, so she got exactly what she wanted!
I got my hair cut and colored also, but you'll just have to see it in the rest of the pictures. I forgot to get a before and after picture.

Next we went to Lego Land with the Oconers also. It was fun, but Disneyland is WAY better!! But we have been promising the kids that we would take them there for about a year, so this was our chance. The kids had a blast and the weather was perfect, so we all had a good time!

In front of the Bionicle ride. It's like teacups and turned out to be the kids favorite ride. Good thing Matt was a good sport to go on it with the kids, because I would have puked.

Adriann and Kenyon with Elvis' head of Legos.

Kamden in the shark head.

On our way out of the park with the Lego Police officer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where all my Flour is going....

I have been making a lot of bread. And I am sooooo bad at it. I can't get my bread to rise. I can get it to wonderfully rise in the bowl, but then I punch it down, put it in the loafs and then it could sit there all day, seriously, and not rise above the edge of the pans. I have tried sitting them under lights, in my front room by the window, in the oven with a pan of hot water and even putting them in the pans before I punch them down and they won't even rise then! The bread turns out tasting great, but it's short and no good for sandwiches which is what I wanted it for. Oh well, at least it looks pretty and tastes good!!

And slap some homemade strawberry jam on it.....DELICIOUS!!!

I also got a recipe from a girl at church from the Pioneer Woman's blog, and it is to die for!! These cinnamon rolls are the most delicious thing I have ever made and they are SO EASY! It's basically a one pot wonder recipe. And it made 8 pans of rolls! It was perfect to put some in the freezer for later. I did however have to use a different recipe for the icing. She uses brewed coffee and since I don't have any of that, I found a delicious cinnamon roll icing recipe and used it instead. Just so all my local friends know, you will be getting these rolls next year for Christmas, and you will love me for it!

32 weeks

Had to get a belly picture on here before I explode! Well the baby dropped a few weeks ago, so here is the bump. It feels a lot bigger than it looks...... I'm due May 11th and we aren't finding out what we're having. It's been an interesting pregnancy. I am at the end (hopefully) of my second bought with the flu. Well who knows what it is this time. I keep getting fevers and chills and my head feels like it's gonna pop. I also can't taste anything so eating has been a challenge for a few days. But luckily the kids are surviving and Akoni's been great to let me rest and sleep with 6 pillows propping myself up at night so I can breath! I guess my body is just getting ready for all the sleep that it's not gonna be getting in a few short weeks......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jam and other things...

The price on strawberries finally went down and no one will eat the jar of store bought jam that has been in the cupboard for a while, so I happily have been making jam!! This is batch #6 in about 2 weeks. I can't stop, it's so good that I don't want to run out.

And this is my other project that I have sitting on my table to make. What could it be for? You'll have to wait and see! (BTW, those huge bags of flour are only $2.99 at Grocery outlet right now!)