Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Photos

My good friend Susanne took these pictures of our family while she was visiting this week. I think they turned out so good! We haven't had family pictures in forever, and since we keep having kids I always feel like the picture will be outdated as soon as we take them, so I finally just said whatever, no one has bruises or cuts on their face, let's get the pictures done!! So here they are, and here's a link to her blog and website: 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Disneyland here we come!!!

We finally took the kids to Disneyland!! I must say that I was maybe more excited than they were just because I knew what to expect, but they were pretty excited!

We told them that if they sang in church during sacrament meeting than we would go, so we have been practicing for a long time. The time finally came.....and they did it!! For those who know my kids, and have witnessed Adriann during the primary programs in sacrament meeting, you know what a big deal this was for her. They sang "I love to see the temple." And Adriann was shaking the whole time, but they both sounded great. Our friend Kurt played the piano and was perfect to keep up with them.

We drove straight to the Orange County airport to pick up a special friend that was going to go with us to DL, and it was GRANDMA!!! My mom flew in to go with us and it was so much fun. The kids didn't know she was coming, so they were so excited!! She made the experience so fun for them, and easier on us. She sat with the baby a lot so we could go on the rides he couldn't go on, and she also took the kids on lots of fun rides to.

So here is the picture of the kids before church all dressed up nice and ready to sing!

The kids in the car all ready to make the drive!

Kamden must get this from me, he was asleep and we were still in the driveway!

We arrived right at sunset and this was the view from the condo we were staying at. Akoni's mission president has a condo close by that we were able to stay at. Not a bad view huh?!

The kids with their Disney T-shirts that they got to wear at the park the next day! And Kamden did not wear his Santa Suite that he has on.

If you notice in the background, the ominous looking clouds? We got sprinkled on for about 20 minutes in the morning, but then luckily no rain the rest of the day. It was overcast and kind of cold, but at least it wasn't 100 degrees! We lucked out because the next two days it poured rain!!

You have to stay tuned for actual pictures from Disneyland because I barely took any pictures on my camera, so I am waiting for the pictures from my mom, since she had her camera out the whole time. Sorry!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I miss my contacts......

I have no more contacts. I am so sad. I just need to reorder them, but everytime I get on my computer to do it, i get distracted and then the day is gone and again I am left with no contacts. Soooo I am left with wearing my glasses ALL DAY! I am getting used to them, but they are driving me crazy! I can't wear my sunglasses and so I am thinking I might have to get some blueblockers or clip-ons. How great am I going to look! I should just get off of blogger and order some contacts, but I'm probably going to get distracted.........

Kamden is getting too big!

This is his favorite place in the house to hang out. He loves to eat shoes, I know gross, and so he just hangs out in this corner by all the shoes. His legs are actually slowly sliding apart in this picture and he is at that stage where he will stand but not sit back down yet, so he was actually just standing there screaming for me to help him! I know I'm so mean, I had to get a picture first before I helped him!

I just love messy food faces!!

Picture Day!

This is a quick picture I took of Adriann on picture day. We did brush her hair after this picture, but I thought she looked cute, so I had to snap a quick one of her. I was fun we went on a mommy daughter date a few days before and she got to pick out a new shirt to wear since she didn't have to wear a uniform like last year. And I actually broke down and bought her some of those fake uggs!(they were on sale!) I have always wanted some but just have never got any, so I got some for her and she loves them! Well worth the purchase.

Fondant oh how I loath you......

This was my first attempt to make a cake and use fondant to cover it. It was sopposed to be a golf ball, but I couldn't get the dimples to stay in the fondant. I don't think I made the stuff right. So it became a base ball. It was just for practice so it doesn't look the best.

Some more house pictures.....

Akoni's mom and dad came and visited for a few weeks and helped us do a lot of stuff around our house. Here are a few of the things we got done.

We have never framed any of our wedding pictures so we finally did. Akoni's mom painted the Ganir Family on the wall between the pictures.

We spray painted our kitchen table and chairs black! It was a lot of work but it was fun to do. I even had to buy a hand sander, so now I will have to put that to use! I have never spray painted anything really, so I'm glad my MOL was here to help and to give me the idea to do it in the first place.

We also spray painted the bookshelf black. That was a lot of work. But I always hated the way it looked before. I could never get rid of it because it was a great bookshelf, but now I love it!!

Framed some pictures of the kids in the hall.

I found this painting at "Last Chance" for $3! The colors work perfectly in our kitchen. Then we made these Family Home Evening boards at Super Saturday. I have never had one and have always wanted one, so I was so glad that we did these. And the blank tag doesn't mean's just there for in case we have another baby, or a guest.

Long awaited pictures of our house-Adriann's room.

This is Adriann's room, not completely finished, but this is good for now. Her room was originally purple with her Princess bedspread. When my mom was here visiting she bought her this new bedspread that I had been eyeing for a while. Well there is no purple in the bedspread so we had to completely redo her room. I found this border at the dollar store, and it perfectly matched the colors. So I painted the room pink, put up the border, repainted her name, and voila!

The big flowers were painted by Akoni's mom while she was here visiting!

I need to change the color of the fabric on her bulletin board, but haven't decided what color to do yet.

I found these flowers at the dollar store also! I know they are kind of ugly, but they match the colors perfectly.

This is what we do when we're bored!

Hiking at Jack's Peak

A few weekends ago, Yeah I'm way behind, we went Hiking at Jack's Peak which is down is Carmel Valley. It was so much fun except that we had to really make sure that the kids stayed on the trail and didn't touch anything because there was poison oak EVERYWHERE!!

There was also a notice at the head of the trails about what to do if you encounter a mountain lion. Luckily and much to Adriann's disappointment, we didn't see any mountain lions. I had to keep reminding her that it wasn't like a zoo, we didn't WANT to see the mountain lion!!

This was the view from one of the lookouts, it was gorgeous and this picture does not do it justice.

Akoni and the kids.

Me and Kamden, yes I was there but this is the only photo of me. And thanks to a friend in our ward (lisa) we borrowed her backpack and it was great!!

Kenyon carrying all of his stuff. He found this giant pinecone and wouldn't put it down.

Of course Adriann has to find something to make into jewelry! She wanted to keep them, but I accidently threw them out of the car when we were leaving.

The kids being funny.

More funnyness.