Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kenyon slept in his bed all night!!

So we are having a big issue with Kenyon every morning at anywhere between 1 and 3am, coming and banging on our door because he wants to sleep with us. It drives me CRAZY!! Anyway, last night he finally slept the whole night in his own room without waking up at all until 7:30am when he came into our room crying because he had wet his bed! Probably because I always take him to the bathroom when I am walking him back into his room in the early morning hours, and because he always goes at 5:30 when I leave for work. But I will take the wet bed any day over having him not sleep with us at night!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So we saw the movie last night!! I liked it, but I don't know if I loved it......How did everyone else feel? There were certain things that were great about it, but it was so different from the book. I am so glad that I had read the book first because I knew all the extra stuff that wasn't in the movie, but it was fun to see it all acted out. And I can't wait for the next movies!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seeing my Dad in San Fran!

My Dad was up in San Francisco last week, so we drove up to see him for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I don't get points for picking that restaurant! I forgot how LOUD it is in there! I don't think I heard anything that anyone said and my ears were ringing the whole ride home. But we did have a fun time seeing my Dad, and the kids LOVE Grandpa, so they had a blast. And he was a good sport and ran around the restaurant looking at all the stuff on the walls with them.

The kids, especially Kenyon, would not leave the instruments by our table on the wall alone!! All he wanted to do was play with this guitar!

Adriann and Kenyon with Grandpa!

Me and my Dad!!

Having Ice Cream on the Pier! It was cold, but who can resist Ben and Jerry's?

Halloween Finally!!!

So here are the pictures from our Halloween FINALLY!! I don't know why it has taken me so long to get them posted. Here is my brief explanation of the pictures.

1-The kids did not want to TOUCH the innerds of the pumpkins. All they wanted to do was poke them with their safety knives, which did nothing and so Akoni and I had pumpkin duty. I scraped all the pumpkins and then carved 1, and Akoni carved the other 2. Mine was the lame spider and the other 2 were Akoni's. Isn't his pirate one cool? We took the other pumpkin to our ward party and it won "creepiest"!!

2-Yes Kenyon technically had 3 costumes this year, if you look at an earlier post he was supposed to be a dragon. He absolutely refused to wear it 5 minutes before we left for our ward party, so he threw on the "skywalker" costume and loved it because he got to carry his light saber! The Rocky costume is what he wore to school because I didn't want his dragon costume to get dirty at their party at school.

3-Adriann's pictures are of her when we were trying out hair color and makeup for her witch costume. I can only imagine the day when she actually wants to dress like that for real!! YIKES!! Even though I think she looks totally cute! And then the other picture of her and Kenyon with their candy is the only other picture I have of her! What a bad mom! But I am on the activities commitee and totally forgot to take pictures. Plus there were no pockets in my costume to carry a camera, see next picture....

4-Akoni had so much fun getting himself ready for Halloween this year! (And no he wasn't trying to be Edward! Except that I could have been pregnant Bella!) I think I finally broke him and he likes to dress up! Yay!! He even superglued fangs on! But then he realized that he couldn't eat with them and I think he had to rip them off! My costume was so much fun. Yes I was a Whoopie Cushion! The kids thought it was hilarious, and people kept asking me if I would lie down so they could sit on me all night! I must say that for being pregnant at halloween this was an extremely comfortable costume! I might wear it every year! It was fun and nobody else had it!