Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween - Ward Trunk or Treat

On Thursday we finally carved the kids pumpkins. Akoni cut the tops off, the kids scooped them out and tried to do the faces, but eventually Akoni saved the day and finished them!

Here is the finished product. I think they turned out pretty good!!

Friday night was our Ward Trunk or Treat. Kamden loved being this lion!! It was a super steal on Ebay a few years ago for Kenyon, so I'm glad that this guy got to use it. He loved having his face painted and would growl, it was soo cute!

The boys. I got this costume for Kenyon 2 Halloweens ago, but he refused to wear it. This year he actually wanted to, so I was glad to have him wear it. He also loved having his face painted.

All 3 of them. Adriann was a Rockstar!

I went as a whoopie cushion again. It's a really easy costume to wear being pregnant!

Akoni went as "Windy Guy"! He ended up winning first place for the costume contest at our ward Trunk or Treat!!

Doesn't it look great?

Adriann invited her friend Alondra from school to the party and Ally from our ward was there also. These girls had such a blast! They are all in the same class at school.

Kenyon with his friends at the party.

After Trunk or Treating. The kids had such a fun time. The party was soooo much fun!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley

Last week we wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch and decided to try a different one than we normally go to. Well we decided to try out Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley. Not really a Pumpkin Patch. It was cute, but they just had piles of pumpkins to pick from, so we just kind of walked around the place and left empty handed. Not really what we were looking for.

There was a fun little teepee for the kids to play in.

This was a rock labyrinth, but he sprinkler was on, so the kids were trying to run around it without getting wet, yeah right!

They also had a cute little corn maze. I hate corn mazes, so Akoni took the kids in and I waited for them to hopfully return!

Yes!! They made it thru!

Even Kamden didn't get lost!!
Guess we'll have to try a different place to get Pumpkins, so go back to our same place we go every year! They don't have U-pick places here, unless anyone knows of one?

Can you believe I did this?

Adriann has been bugging me forever to cut her hair. I do not know how to cut hair. My boys heads get shaved and that's as good as it gets. But since all my friends have moved that cut hair, I am on my own, or I can go to someone that I don't know and hope they don't screw her hair up. So the other night after she washed her hair, I figured I might as well try. Well.....I did it! I just did a straight cut, but I think it turned out pretty good! At least it's even, and that's all that matters!!

This is a before picture to show how long her hair was getting!!

And here is the after picture!!

And she loves it, so really that's all the matters!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Just wanted to share that Baby #4 is on it's way, Due May 11th!