Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hiking in Big Sur

Akoni had the day off and so we went hiking out at Big Sur. We had never been there and it was a really foggy day so we decided to head south and hope it was sunnier. Well it was, it was BEAUTIFUL!

We did a small hike to a little waterfall. The kids had so much fun, but there was Poison Oak all over the place. Thank goodness that Akoni was with us because he kept pointing it out to us. Luckily no one got it on themselves!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kamden got a new bed!

Kamden finally started to climb out of his crib, so I got worried that he was going to fall and hurt himself so we took the side off the crib. After about a week or so of that it was silly that he was basically sleeping in a bed with a twin bed right next to the crib, so I took the crib apart and moved it into Adriann's room, and now Kamden has his own big boy bed!

We let him pick out a new comforter and he is "Obsessed" with Toy Story, so he picked this one out. Akoni had bought the stickers earlier for him, so he is now surrounded by Toy Story and loving it! He says goodnight to all the characters and knows all their names.

I thought it would be really hard to have him in a bed, but he is doing awesome. He has a routine that has to be followed at night: prayers, books, songs and he has to have his puppy, lumpy and bag of legos (that's a whole different post that I will have to do) or he will not stay in his bed. So sometimes at night there is a scramble to find everything but eventually we do and he goes to bed!

Ice Cream fun with friends!

These are Adriann's 2 best friends. The one on the far right is moving this next week and the other one is moving in December. They are both in military families, so that's why they are moving. We had them over for one last play date and they put on a fashion show and dance show for me! IT was priceless! I totally forgot to get pictures, but I did get this of them after they made homemade ice cream.

That big green ball in the front of the picture is this really fun ice cream maker that you have to roll around to make the ice cream. So the kids got to work and had it made in about 20 minutes! Then they got to decorate the ice cream with sprinkles! They had a blast!

Kenyon even helped with the rolling so the girls let him have some ice cream also.

I think Kamden's bowl had more sprinkles than ice cream. The lid fell off of the sprinkles he was pouring and all the sprinkles fell into his bowl! Oh well, he actually only took about 3 bites.

Last Day Of School!!

The kids both had their last day of school last week. I got to go to Adriann's end of the year class party and got this picture of her class minus one boy. Adriann wanted me to go really bad so that she could show off the baby. It was a fun little party and she has made some really good friends being at this school. We are putting the kids both back as the Elementary School by our house instead of at the Dual Language Program that they are at right now. It was a tough decision, but we feel really good about it. Adriann was starting to fall behind in her English! Even though she was doing really well in Spanish, we figured that since English is her main language, it's probably better that she not be falling behind in it! But she had a good 2 years and Kenyon had a great time in Kindergarten and we are sure that when they have to take a language again in school, they will pick it back up quickly.

Adriann with her friends that she is going to miss the most.

Kenyon got to have his best buddy come over and play video games. He has been bugging me to have him come over and they are going to be gone for most of the summer, so they got a good vid session in before he left.

This is what they did pretty much the entire time! He loves to have someone play video games with him. Well at least someone that knows how to play the game, because apparently Adriann and I don't know what we are doing when we play with him!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Ekman's visit

My parents came to visit over Memorial Weekend so it was the perfect chance to bless Monica at church. It was so fun having them come and cook and play with the kids and let me take lots of naps, very helpful!

Grandpa with Monica. This is where he held her pretty much the whole time they were here...it was great!!

Here's Grandma and Grandpa outside of church after the blessing.

Monica cried during the whole blessing and then passed out and slept through the rest of church!

Mom made Grandma Ekman's lasagna to leave with us so we could have a dinner after they left. Adriann loved being able to help cook with Grandma.

Akoni with the kids. Luckily it was great weather!

Grandpa with the kids and their Shel Silverstein books that he got for them! They have been reading them at school and wanted to borrow them, so Grandpa was nice and got us our own copies of two of his books.