Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Mom Came to Visit!!!!

My mom came and visited us for a few days and we had so much fun. She flew into Monterey and I was able to quickly pick her up so she could catch Adriann' soccer game! It was so fun for Adriann to have her Grandma there to see her play, and I know my mom loved being able to watch her.

Mom visit cont....Gilroy Gardens

So we took my mom to Gilroy Gardens and had such a blast! I love this place. I had won 4 tickets from the radio to go, so we waited to go when my mom came. Luckily when she went to buy her ticket, she was going to buy a youth ticket because they are cheaper, she ended up winning her ticket!! She was the 500th youth or something like that and so she got her ticket free from the radio station that was sponsoring that day. We lucked out with the weather also. It ended up being a beautiful day. We went on tons of rides and Adriann even went on one of the big kid roller coasters with Akoni. They were having a scavenger hunt while we were there and so the kids had to go and find booths around the park and got little prizes and a candy. It was tons of fun. My mom had just visited my older sister and they went to Disneyland, so this was a lot smaller than that park, but it is totally made for little kids and there are only 2 rides that Adriann can't go on and everything else they just need chaperones, so it's perfect for our kids.

Kenyon wanted so bad to drive one of the cars this year, the line was way too long last year, so we waited it out and I must say.......he is a horrible driver!!! But he had so much fun. He kept saying, "Mom, I'm the best driver!" and in between the whiplash and being thrown around the car I had to agree with him!! It's a good thing he has years and years to practice!

Mom visit cont...Pumpkin Patch

So for Family Night we went to the Young Life Pumpkin patch and went thru the corn maze!! To be honest it totally freaks me out. I hate the idea of being lost in corn. I know thats lame, but I love scary movies and Akoni kept wanting to scare the kids, but I was the one who kept getting scared. Luckily we had 1 flashlight that worked and 1 that flickered, but we made it out, (in 20+ minutes!) so I'm alive and fine! Afterwards the kids saw all the cut outs of charlie brown and the "Great Pumpkin", can you guess what movie they are watching right now? It was fun for them to run around in the pumpkin patch, we all had a great time!!

Making Sugar Cookies

Right before my mom left we HAD to make sugar cookies. It was fun and I am going to miss my mom. We had so much fun with her here and I wish she could have stayed longer, but we'll see her again in February when the baby gets here, so we'll just have to wait till then.

The Zoo

So this was our last fun thing that we did with friends during the Fall Break. We went up to the Oakland Zoo for the day and it was so much fun! I thought it was the perfect size of zoo for this age of kids. It wasn't the hugest place, so there wasn't a ton of walking for the kids to do and there was just enough animals to keep them all interested. But it was HOT!! I'm not going to complain about it though, because it would not have been fun if it was cold. They had a fun petting area where you could pet and comb the goats. And if you look at the picture of Kenyon where he is standing on the lily pad......I still can't believe that none of our kids fell in that water! I really don't think it is the smartest idea to have a pool of water with a few lilly pads on it that the kids run over. If any of them had fallen in the water that would have been the end of the trip! Here's just a few pictures, I did take a ton of the animals, but I thought the kids were cuter!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The park after seeing no Butterflies

So after seeing no butterflies, my friends and I went to a park in pacific grove. It was such a fun park! I didn't even know it was there and actually found it on accident. But we had brought lunch and so we all ate and then the kids played for a few hours. It was perfect weather and all the kids had fun and the moms had a blast talking and enjoying the sun! It's great because all 3 of our girls are the same age, and all 3 of our boys are the same age. It was so fun to realize that none of our kids needed help playing on anything. When did they all get so big that they didn't need our help? I remember when we moved here, Kenyon and Tyson were babies and we would have to follow them everywhere and help them play on everything! Now we can just sit back and actually enjoy ourselves at the park! Well not for much longer for me I guess! And we did miss Erin and her kids, it would have been fun if they were there too!!

Monarch Grove Sanctuary

Well this was a bust! I wanted to take my kids to go and see the Butterflies in Pacific Grove. I know that the best month to go is November, but it is free and outside, so I thought whatever let's just go and see if there are any butterflies now to see. How many did we see? About 20? And that was when the little boys ran under the rope and scared them out of a tree!! But it was still fun and now I know where to go in November. I felt bad for inviting friends to come when we didn't even see anything!

At the Beach

We went to the beach and spent 4 1/2 hours there!! It was so beautiful and the kids all were having so much fun, how could we leave? We just wanted to enjoy it while the weather was good because we don't know how many more days like these we are going to have! These are pictures of the kids drying off, I can't believe that they were actually out swimming in the ocean! They must have all been numb!

Point Lobos Hike

We took the kids to Point Lobos for a short hike. It was a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun. And Yes I was there, I took all the pictures but never got one of me, oops!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From Adriann's mouth

On the way home from Church:

Adriann: "Mom, did you know that Dad has a picture with all of his old girlfriends?"

Me: "What" Then I remembered she had recently seen a picture of Akoni in High School with all the girls in the prom court. He was an escort and one of the girls was his sister.

Adriann: "Yeah, He's the Man!"

I thought it was the funniest thing. You have to picture her saying it like he was the coolest guy in the world. I cracked up.

I was Tagged......

What was I doing 10 years ago...
1. Working at Abercrombie and Fitch
2. Going to Community College because I couldn't go back to the UofU, bad grades!!
3. Living at home
4. I was dating a pretty hot guy who had no job
5. Wow, I was kind of a loser 10 years ago!

5 Things on my to-do list today....
1. Finish this blog entry
2. Finish the laundry
3. Finish the dishes - DONE
4. Go to the Butterfly Sanctuary, too bad there were no Butterflies yet! - DONE
5. Costco - DONE

5 of my favorite snacks...
1. Hot Tamales
2. Vanilla Ice Cream, I know boring
3. Oreo Cakesters, I could eat the whole box so I can't buy them.
4. Red Vines
5. Strawberries, except not right now being pregnant I can't stand them!

5 Jobs I've had...
1. Dental Assistant/Ortho Assistant
2. Meter Reader, that was a fun one
3. My current Gas Job, I'll explain if you ask
4. Burgerville USA, my first job!!
5. Lots of Retail

5 things I want to do with a million dollars....
1. Buy a Jeep, I've always wanted one.
2. Pay off any debt
3. Buy a house that isn't a piece of crap
4. I don't know if I'd invest with the market right now, so my mattress might get kind of lumpy for a while. But I'd save some money for the kids colleges/missions/weddings!
5. A tummy tuck after this baby. Hey, I'm just being honest! Well if I'm being honest, I'll get the ladies done also!

5 things that made me laugh this week...
1. I have to agree with Erin, watching Cambria flex her bum at the beach!
2. The things that come out of Adriann's mouth.
3. Watching that funny Prop 8 Utube video!!
4. Spending time at the beach with my friends, I know we laughed but I don't remember the specifics.
5. Hearing about Sarah's 45 minutes that she spent in her van! You know what I'm talking about!

5 people I tag to answer these questions....
Anyone that wants too. I think I was one of the last ones to get it!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Visiting Dad at Work

Who needs a jungle gym when you have tractors, right? We went to visit Akoni at work, and the shop is the kids favorite place to play. They love all the tractors! Then we went on a quick ride in Akoni's cart and if you can tell it was sooooo cold, I think you can see Kenyon's eyes watering! It was freezing out there, so we just rode quickly and then went back in. Even though it was beautiful day, it was windy and cold, but we had a fun time.