Friday, November 16, 2007

From Adriann's Mouth

This is what Adriann is Thankful for:

Aunty Rachel
Rachel's brother, Uncle Matt
Me --Kim who's writing this
my brother and Dad
The nice TV we got
Christmas coming up
Carson's family
Butterscotch -- That Freaky toy horse that kids can ride on.
Everything in this world
Deer up in Heaven, you know like Santa Clause's

As you can see she has a lot to be thankful for.

I just wrote exactly what she said out of her own little mouth!! Kids say the funniest things!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Here are the kids in their costumes! Adriann was a Barbie Princess, The Princess of the Rainbow. She was so excited to wear makeup! We put the spongy rollers in her hair so it was all curley for the trunk-or-treat party at church on Friday night, but then forgot to do it for Halloween night. Kenyon was a "Ghost Pirate". He had 2 outfits, one to play in around the house and then a warmer one to go trick-or-treating in. He carries his swords everywhere with him and even sleeps with them. It's so funny. They had so much fun and got too much Candy!! We are just letting them eat it all so that it will be gone and done with!!

Adriann's School class went to a pumpkin farm a few days before Halloween.

More Gilroy Garden Fun

Here are two more pictures from Gilroy Gardens. Kenyon got to ride the car ride all by himself, and had so much fun. Adriann and her friend Carson posed by another one of the pumpkins.

Halloween Fun

We went to a Park called Gilroy Gardens and they had a bunch of fun Pumpkins decorated. Adriann thought this one was especially scary!!