Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seeing my Dad in San Fran!

My Dad was up in San Francisco last week, so we drove up to see him for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I don't get points for picking that restaurant! I forgot how LOUD it is in there! I don't think I heard anything that anyone said and my ears were ringing the whole ride home. But we did have a fun time seeing my Dad, and the kids LOVE Grandpa, so they had a blast. And he was a good sport and ran around the restaurant looking at all the stuff on the walls with them.

The kids, especially Kenyon, would not leave the instruments by our table on the wall alone!! All he wanted to do was play with this guitar!

Adriann and Kenyon with Grandpa!

Me and my Dad!!

Having Ice Cream on the Pier! It was cold, but who can resist Ben and Jerry's?

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Stacy said...

Wow, San Francisco looked like a blast. I love your blog!