Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have the BEST Husband EVER!!!

I just want to say that I have the best husband in the whole world! Yesterday around 7:30am I started to get some stomach cramps that honestly felt like I was in labor again. All I could do want lay hunched on the floor and beg Adriann to get dressed for school and try to fix something to eat for breakfast. I called Akoni and luckily he was getting off work early and said he would be home by 8:30!! I somehow managed to drive Adriann to school without throwing up in the car and then came home and crashed in my bed.

Long story short, I basically sat in my bed from 8am - 6pm. I only got up to throw up and pee, which wasn't much since I couldn't eat or drink anything. So this is where my gratitude for my awesome husband come in. He took Adriann and Kenyon all day for me. He took them to lunch and to the store and basically let me lay in bed with Kamden all day and just get better. I think I must have had either food poisoning or the 24 hour flu (which I've heard is basically food poisoning), but luckily it wore off by dinner time and I felt so much better!



Eliz said...

Aries and Akoni must be related because I have the best husband ever. We've also had the stomach flu. Christian, Daniel and I threw up all night Thursday night and Aries took care of all three of us. He only got an hour of sleep. Such a good man.

Sheri said...

I'm so glad that you feel better now! Kamden is such a handsome little boy. I wish we could be there to hold him and smell him!

Stacy said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. You have a great hubby!

ShelBailey said...

The Toones all had it, the Baileys all had it. But, what we had was highly contagious, if no one else in your house got it, it could have been food poisoning. I hope you're feeling better. It was nice of Akoni to take off with the kids, what a sweet guy!

Did Lysa give you that bag of clothes?..I left it with her because we were going out of town.

V and Co. said...

hey i'm glad you are feeling better!
and i staple gunned the skirt on the table.