Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just laugh and take a picture........

So I labeled this post "Just laugh and take a picture" because these are the two most recent things that Kenyon has done that I just wanted to scream when I saw them, but I remained calm and just laughed and took a picture. The first was on Thursday. I was throwing a baby shower for a friend and this is what happened to the cupcakes while I was changing Kamden's diaper. I came out to see Kenyon biting the tops off of all the cupcakes I had just made! Now for those of you who came to the shower, I did make new ones for the shower. I had to just laugh it off and tell myself I still had time to make new ones.

The second picture happened friday night. Again I was changing a diaper and Adriann comes running into the room and says "Kenyon drew on your couch with a purple marker!" This time I did scream! But I remained calm and didn't yell at anyone. But everyone did go to bed early. Luckily the pen came out and I now have freshly washed couches since the cases zip off and could just throw them in the washing machine!

So I want to know what your kids have been up to? Apparently I can't change diapers anymore without something horrible happen, so what have your kids done while your back has been turned? (or while you were in the shower!) I can't wait to hear about it! Or post a picture so we can all laugh about it now that it's in the past and cleaned up!


Susanne said...

I remember when Kaitlyn was Gavin's age, she ate an entire pack of gum two days in a row while I was in the shower (and I did blog about it if you go back to summer 2007 archives on my blog!). The funniest part about it is that the gum wasn't in an easy to reach place. It was on the top shelf of the closet in my bedroom, so she pushed a chair from the computer table all the way to the closet and climbed on top to reach the gum! Children are so resourceful! :-)

Anita said...

Hmmm...I could comment forever on this one:) Tyson is quite the mischievious one. The other day I went to have a shower and I told Tyson NOT to go in the backyard. Well, after I was done I looked out the window and Tyson was still inside--good boy. He must have heard the water stop because 10 seconds later he was wading in the kiddy pool stark naked!! I got a good laugh--hopefully our neighbors didn't see.
The other morning I woke up to find him with a jar of cheese whiz and a spoon:) There have been PLENTY more instances--believe me!!!