Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July!!

My parents came and visited us for the weekend of the 4th. We had a great time at the beach, swimming, BBQing and doing fireworks. The first picture is of the kids in the morning before we went to our Church Waffle Breakfast. I figured I had to take a picture before they ate and ruined their shirts!

I think fireworks are way too expensive and kind of a waste of money, so we let the kids only get 4 fireworks each which cost $20 and lasted about 30 seconds each. Luckily we had a whole ton of sparklers left over from last year so that was fun. And while we were doing our fireworks a neighbor came out with like the Costco bundle of fireworks and so we just watched their show after we were done. You can't really tell in the picture, but on the ground by my kids my mom drew a chalk box for the kids to stand in (great thinking) so that we didn't have to keep yelling at them to stand back. They knew that that was as close as they could get. I'll have to remember that for next year, it worked perfectly!

This is one of our neighbors fireworks. Ours were not this big.

This was the yummy jello dessert that we made.

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