Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No time to play catch up.....

We've been busy and I just don't have the time to post pictures of everything we've done this summer. Kind of sad...but here's what we did:

Adriann took some ballet/tap classes and love it!

Akoni's parents came for 2 weeks and helped us get our house together. I have no sense of design so now everything looks a lot better. We spray painted a book shelf, our kitchen table and chairs, and stained our Hot Chocolate Table. (That's what the kids call it since we don't drink coffee!) Dad Ganir helped plant lots of flowers and things in the front yard, and mom painted away lots of things. We had a blast with them here.

April, Akoni's little sister came to visit with her family for a few days also in August. We went to the Boardwalk, and Great America. It was a blast! I finally had someone to go on all the scary rides with.

Then School started....FINALLY!!! I am so glad to have the kids back in school. Adriann is in first grade and is going to the Dual Language Immersion program and will be learning spanish 50% of the day. We think it's a great opportunity for her and then next year Kenyon can start there hopefully for Kindergarten. She is so excited to be going there and has already made new friends at her new school. She is going to be starting swimming next week and can't wait!

Kenyon is going to Preschool again at Tiny Tot. He LOVES it. He is in the older class now that goes 3 days a week! He also started Soccer and Akoni is the assistant coach. The team's name is the Bumblebee Dragons! He had his first game on Saturday and they won! It's totally different watching him play then watching Adriann last year. He actually gets in there and kicks the ball! It should be a fun season.

Well Kamden is growing bigger and bigger. He is now 16lbs at 6 1/2 months old. He is teething, which is no fun, and is crawling all over. It's more of an army crawl but he gets around. He is the most mellow baby and we love having him in our family.

So what do I do with all my free time? Free time? What's that? I feel like I am constantly in the car dropping off and picking up kids. This is a fun stage in life that we have come to, and I am living for every minute of it! I did join the gym with my friend Audra and we are getting ourselves there 3 times a week so far. I am trying out all the classes and have found a few that I like, so it makes going to the gym fun for me.

Here are the kiddos!


Marissa and Scott said...

Such cute kiddos! Love that they're all coordinated in the last picture. Seems like you've had a great summer. I'm with you, I can't wait for Mister to go back to preschool in 2 weeks. We both need it I think. :)

Stacy said...

16 pounds already, oh my goodness! They look so cute in their little school clothes ready for the day!

Sarah said...

I want pictures of all the new things you have painted....The kids are so cute. I love the fireplace picture. just precious

Anita said...

Yah school! So Adriann's not going to Olson anymore?! I heard they made some serious changed...anyways, your kids are so cute, as usual. They do look so grown up--especially Kenyon. Oh, and what a beautiful door for the background of your first day of school pics:0)

AA said...

Finally...a new post! I'm in the same boat. I don't know where to start. I think my computer is going to explode with all the new pictures I downloaded. -April

Mom & Dad G said...

They all look so cute! I miss them all! Call me Kim...your cell phone always goes directly to voice mail and I don't think you are getting your voice mails from me. Love Mom Jodi