Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

After a full day of trying to see the movie........sopposed to see it at 2:30, but decided to take Kamden with us because the babysitter we were sharing would have had to watch 6 kids and I wanted to make it easier for her, ended up seeing 10 minutes of the movie because Kamden was sooooooo loud and I was getting shushed! So we took him out and had a fun 2 hours walking around the mall waiting for our friends to finish the movie. Finally at 8pm my very good friend Lisa came over and sat with the kids after they were asleep (yeah right) and we got to see the movie at 8:30. I LOVED IT!!!! I hated the first one, but I am so satisfied with this one. There were obvious things left out and things changed, but overall it was not bad. One that I would definitely rent and watch Jacob again!!


Marissa and Scott said...

I agree, it was WAY better than the first one. Amazing what a bigger budget and new director will do. Even the acting was better. Loved, loved, loved it!

V and Co. said...

WHOOT to watching it again...and again....and AGAIN!
we drove 3 hours to see it on the "big screen" yup sure did!

Susanne said...

We saw it on Saturday and I definitely think it was a thousand times better than the first!!! Too bad I like the first book a thousand times better than the second book... But I realized that I don't hate Kristen Stewart as Bella. It's just the combo of her with Robert Pattinson that I can't stand. They are just so excruciatingly awkward together!! Thank goodness that the guy playing Jacob can actually act! And did you hear that Eclipse comes out next June? (yay!)