Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you see my baby ticker?

So I know that I'm getting close to having this baby, but I noticed that my baby ticker is in the single digits today and I actually got scared! I am so torn between wanting this baby out so that I don't have to pee every 15 minutes, but it's the kind of pee where I think I am going to pee my pants and then like 1 Tbs. of pee comes out, I want to be able to sleep at night, I want to be able to roll over in my bed and not have to be out of breath and have it take extreme effort to roll over, I want to have more than 4 shirts fit me and one pair of pants that I don't have to either rubberband the waist or have pulled all the way down under my belly, I want to be able to bend over, not have help putting on socks, walk without feeling like I am arched and about to do the limbo, and lots of other beautiful things that come with being pregnant. But at the same time I love feeling the baby move inside me, I love being able to wear whatever, look huge and not have to worry about looking fat because everyone knows that I am pregnant, I don't have to at the moment actually take care of the baby yet, I still have my hands free to wrangle in the other kids, I can still use the excuse that I can eat whatever I want because I'm pregnant, and other stuff.

Sorry for the rant, but I am just trying to get rid of some of my anxiety that I am finally starting to feel. I have been so consumed with Holidays and Birthdays and now that it's Kenyon's birthday today, this is my last thing that I had to check off before the baby could come. So now I have 9+ days to freak out about the baby coming..........

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adriann's 6th Birthday!!

Just a few pictures of Adriann's 6th Birthday from almost 2 weeks ago! Wow time flies!! I can't believe that she is 6! And yes if you noticed she has 3 different outfits on from the same day, that's our Adriann! I think she had more on during the day, but I didn't get pictures in the other outfits!

Her new obsession, Littlest Pet Shop!! I was always not wanting these because there are so many little parts, but they are actually really cute!! Grandma and Aunty Rachel got her a whole bunch to jump start her collection!!

I love that she still loves Dora!!

With her cake. I didn't make a cool one this year on her birthday, we're saving that for her party!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had such a fun Christmas. Akoni's brother and his wife and 2 kids came and stayed with us for a week and we had such a blast. There were too many pictures to post, so here are just a few of the kids.

A few pictures of Adriann:

So this is beginning to be a tradition that I really don't want. We have gotten a snow globe for Adriann the past 2 Christmases and each year she has broken them on Christmas day! So sad. I found a plastic one after Christmas this year, so I'm thinking that might be the way to go next year.....

With her Hello Kitty purse. It's so cute! She puts all her stuff in it and carries it around!

A Hello Kitty CD player! This is the greatest thing for her. She sits in her room and listens to music and just sings all day!

Just a few pictures of Kenyon:

With his new Hat and Transformer!!

If you have ever seen the movie "3 Ninjas", then you would understand that these Jelly Beans were from Tum Tum!! He became obsessed with Jelly Beans after watching that movie, so wasn't it nice of Tum Tum to get him some for Christmas?!

His new Jersey! Can you tell that he is sick of pictures at this point?

It was a fun Christmas and we all had a wonderful time! Now we just have 2 birthdays and a baby coming, wow 2009 looks way to busy!!

Christmas 2008 cont.....

So every year growing up my dad would write us all a poem and put it on the Christmas tree. The poem would lead us somewhere in the house where we would find our "Big Gift" from my parents. This was a tradition that when Akoni and I got married I asked Akoni to keep it going. So each year he writes poems for the kids and it is so much fun to have this tradition continued.

This year we decided that with a new baby coming soon we would get the kids a nice gift since the baby will be getting a lot of attention. So this is what we got the kids! (And only because we got them on sale!!)

This is S'mores, which Adriann renamed Icicle. It's kind of a freaky horse because it flops it's head around from side to side, but she loves it!

I hate to be biased, but I love this Dinosaur! It is so much fun! It roars, eats lettuce and burps, and plays safari music if you push on it's back. It also purrs, well a Dinosaur purr, when you scratch under it's chin! I think it's the cutest thing ever!