Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun at the Beach

We had to drop something off at Akoni's work to day, and I love driving by this log and always want to get the kids picture. Well I know they aren't dressed very cute, but I got a picture.

Then we headed to the beach. Asilomar is so perfect for them because there are tons of coves, but there was so much seaweed out today that everything stunk. We had to actually move spots because I almost threw up it smelled so bad.

Here is Kamden being held back from wanting to run into the water.
I made her wear pants that she could pull up because I knew the "no going into the water" doesn't last long.
We found a dead crab.
Kamden carried this bag around. Then he was chasing the seagulls away when he put the bag down and they started eating all his cheetos. It was so funny. He kept running all over the beach chasing them.

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