Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My little girl got her first Stitches!!

I can deal with blood....on other people. When I was working in the Dental field, I wanted so badly to assist with all the extractions and surgeries. Don't ask me why, but I loved loved loved it! It never made me sick to see it, but when it's my own kids that are bleeding, I kind of want to throw up. So when Adriann came into the house screaming and freaking out with blood running down her leg, I handed her a wet paper towel and told her to hold it there. I couldn't even look at it or touch it. So sad I know, but I just can't take that my child is in pain. Anyway, I eventually did look at it and it was bad and deep, so she had to go and get 3 stitches! Again, I couldn't take her, Akoni had to, but he said she was brave and didn't cry at all! So here's a blurry picture, but that's better since it's kind of gross!

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Emily K. said...

You know, I'm the complete opposite. I will faint at the sight of my own blood. But, I can totally handle it on my kids, and Jake. Never would have been a nurse though. I'm a self-proclaimed wimp.