Friday, December 10, 2010


For Thanksgiving my parents and my sister Rachel came to our house. It was so much fun and luckily we had gorgeous weather!! It wasn't warm, but the sun was out and there was no rain, so no complaining!

When my parents got here we were able to take them to the Aquarium, thanks to the free tickets from the Library that I waited in line for 2 hours for, yeah 2 hours. It's crazy, but they get the tickets on the first day of the month and there are people lined up for hours waiting and then the tickets are gone in about 15 minutes.

We had a fun time at the Aquarium and got to see the new Flamingos, they are so pink! I loved them. The next day was Thanksgiving and Rachel flew into town. It was a fun day and good food and lots of napping done by all. And our Turkey was good even though only 1/2 of it cooked. It was a 21 lb. Turkey and I don't think it got thawed out all the way and so it wasn't fully cooked. We had to cut off what was cooked and throw the rest of the turkey back in to finish cooking. And Akoni was awesome and cleaned up the kitchen while I fell asleep on the couch, what a great guy! I didn't do one dish!!

My parents left the next day and Rachel and I took the kids to Cannery Row and walked around and it was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun together. Sadly I got very few pictures, I blame it on being pregnant. But here's the pictures I got and they are not in the right order. Sorry!

Adriann and Kenyon outside the Aquarium.

Our Family walking to the Aquarium from the free parking down the street.

Adriann and Kenyon with Grandma dishing up food and getting ready to eat.

Grandma basting the turkey.

The big kids table all set up. We actually got out our wine goblets that we got for our wedding and have never used. My mom spent probably an hour getting all the price tag stickers off of them. It was fun to use them finally. And she got me this nice table cloth so we didn't have to use plastic like I had planned before anyone said they were coming to visit.

Kenyon and Kamden in their Turkey hats.

Adriann and Kenyon at the Aquarium.

Kamden in the oyster. I tried to get all the kids, but no one wanted to get in.

Kenyon with Grandpa watching the water fall. Kamden was so scared and screamed and ran out when we took him in here.

Kenyon's outfit he made at school.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did!!

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