Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ganir Family Reunion in Disneyland!


For our Fall Break we met up with all of Akoni's siblings and their families for a Family Reunion. There was a total of 32 people. Akoni's parents were the only ones missing because they are on a mission for our church in the Philippines right now.

We went to the park for 3 days and each day we had a theme. Our first day was Family Colors, so we obviously picked Beaver Orange! Here we are outside our hotel before heading to Disneyland. It ended up being 105 degrees this day! REDICULOUS!

Kamden got this Woody Hat and wore it EVERYDAY! It was sooo cute!

The boys favorite thing to do was play the boardwalk games at California Adventure Land. Can you believe that they won all these? And this was only the first day. They won a ton more on the last day.

The Second days theme was FREE DAY. I got my kids these cute Minnie and Mickey shirts.

The last days theme was: Black shirts with the last name and number of when you entered the Ganir family on the back. I made all the shirts for everyone and had a blast doing it. We got a picture of everyone but we had a Disneyland employee take it and I still have to buy it, so when I get it I will post that.

Here is Kenyon on the Storybook ride. He was dying to go on this ride the whole time, not sure why, but we finally went on it the last day.

Anywhere we go where there is face painting Adriann always wants to get it done, and we never do it. But we broke down and let her and Kenyon get it done. They were both so excited.

Sound asleep!!

Akoni's brother got a ton of more pictures, so I will post more of those when we get them. Overall it was a crazy, insane, hot, fun, amazing trip. We are so glad we did it and have tons of fun memories!


Sheri said...

Looks like so much fun! I am in the midst of Disneyland cravings and your pictures made me want to go so much more!

Jessica said...

We went the first week of November last year and had crazy hot weather too, around 100 every day! So I know what it was like for you, not what you expect in the fall huh! It was so hot, but it kept the crowds away so we decided it was worth it for the short lines. We bought a lot of ice cream treats :) I love the shirt ideas for the reunion, how fun!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like you guys rocked Disneyland!! Love kamden's hat and the face painting! You guys all look great!

Anita said...

So glad you managed to stop by and see us!! IT was great to catch up! We are WAY overdue for a trip to hopefully we'll see you guys again soon