Thursday, February 7, 2013

I can't believe how much has happened in the past year.  The biggest being we MOVED back to OREGON in July!!  Akoni took a job with Tokatee, a golf course here, and that brought us back to Oregon.  

We also had a whole adventure with our rental house flooding, causing us to move to a hotel for 2 weeks, 11 days (during christmas) at my parents and then finally into a new home (new for us)!! We had to change wards and the kids had to change schools in January, but everyone has been positive about all the change. 

During Thanksgiving the kids got to see snow for the first time! Yes, they have been very deprived! But we lived by an ocean and some people never see the ocean!

Adriann turned 10! Kenyon turned 8 and was baptized! Kamden is about to turn 4 and Monica will be 2 in a few months! But I will post all those important things when I get a chance.  

But I'm back to the blogging world and hopefully I can keep up with it!!

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All who wander are not lost! said...

Shocked and excited about your move! Keep your head up, life is an adventure=)