Monday, December 10, 2007

Cute pics of the kids

Here are just some cute pictures of the kids. The one with their sunglasses on was when we were staying at the hotel between moving out of our condo and into the house and we were really bored, so the kids were being funny.
We went shopping and the weather was so great we had to get a shot by the fountain.
This is just Adriann being adorable. It's rare that she is so angelic, so I had to capture it!!
Adriann is getting so excited for Christmas. She wants me to take pictures all the time of her just holding presents.


The Hamlin Family said... seems like you have been busy lately. Congrats on your move. That's awesome...and exciting to be in someplace new. Sorry about your foot. Hopefully your tear will save you the money you would have paid for least that's the bright side!!! Your kids are adorable and so grown up. We miss you guys!!!

The M&J Peterson Family said...

California Ganirs really do know how to party don't they! You should probably cut back though Kim. Looks like you've been partying a tad bit too hard. We're so excited for your new house!! Get some pictures up when you can. Take care of yourself lady!! The kids are so cute!

~~~ said...

Hi Kim! This is your cousin Kristen. I foudn your blog from Emily's, and I hope you don't mind if I place a link to it on Madelyn's blog! You all look adorable in the pictures. Merry Christmas!

The Christensons said...

hey! too cute! love the pics when i have more time i'm going to read up on you! i guess you bought a house! woohoo! miss you guys! and by the way if jen and i were there still the party would be SOOO MUCH MORE FUN!!!! :)