Friday, March 21, 2008

Adriann's New Bed

Well we thought that since Adriann was sleeping on her toddler mattress on the floor and rolling off of it at night because she is WAY too big for it, we thought we would get her a Twin Bed. Don't you think that by 5 they should not be sleeping on their crib mattress? And the reason she was sleeping on the floor was because her bed wouldn't fit thru all the doors and around the corner into her room in this house. So when we moved we just put her bed outside and the kids played on it and then covered it with mud and so we hucked it. It was one of those cute plastic beds where the headboard was a house and had two windows you could open, it was really cute. And yes, it could have been taken apart and then put back together in her room, but there is a long story behind that bed. The short story is: It was full of earwigs when we got it, I washed it out, and hot glue gunned every hole that I could find on that bed so that if any earwigs were left they could not get out! So I really wasn't wanting to take it all apart.

Anyway, so we got Adriann a Twin Bed for a steal of a deal off of Craigslist, and she got to pick out her own bedding. So this is what she picked out! And I must say that she has had it now for a few weeks and she has only slept in our bed 1 night since!!! and that was Akoni's doing because he is a sucker for the tears!!

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Ilene said...

Sorry ol' Dads crumple at the first sign of tears. They really aren't as tough as us moms.