Tuesday, April 22, 2008

School Pictures

So we got Kenyon's preschool pictures back today, and I must say he looks ADORABLE, except for the HUGE RUNNY NOSE!!! I don't know how someone did not see that he had a horrible runny nose while they were taking the picture. Aren't these sopposed to be professionals taking the pictures? Do they not look for things like that when taking the pictures? I was very disappointed because the picture is great and I was sure that if we did a retake it would not be as good. And I know it's only preschool, but it would bug me forever and I would never be able to put the picture in his wedding video! So luckily I called the photographer and he said he could just fix the picture for me!! Yeah!! So as soon as I get the de-snotted picture I'll post it.


The Hamlin Family said...

Happy BELATED birthday Kim. Things have been crazy over here, and I finally got a second to catch up on other's blogs. Yea..that they will fix Kenyon's picture. I would have made them also. And the kids names on the wall looks cute. OK...i found a website recently that is good for blog templates: www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com
It's really easy to use...but make sure that you don't delete ALL of your sidebar info when you change your template. Anyways, she has some cute ones that you might want to check out!!!

PS...We will have to meet up at Disneyland one of these times. That would be so much fun. I can't believe you haven't gone down there yet. Livvy is only 1 and has been 3 times!!! (Matt loves that place...he is like one of the kids!!!)

Ilene said...

c'mon a snotty nose would be perfect for a wedding video.

Happy Belated Birthday! I thought I was a couple of years older than you but I'm not. That makes me feel better. Welcome to the 29 club.

The Hamlin Family said...

Good Choice :)

Mom & Dad said...

I would blow up the runny nose picture and display it at the wedding. Just think of how handsome he will look at his wedding and it takes a real man to stand next to his preschool runny nose picture. I hope you keep one of those pictures before the photographer fixes it. I love you Kenyon! Love Grammie

The Hoskins said...

I kind of wanted to see the runny nose pic. :)