Monday, June 30, 2008

I feel weird posting without pictures!

I hate posting without pictures because it seems kind of boring, but I still can't find our camera, so here's some news:

Kenyon has worn underwear for 2 nights now without wetting his bed at night!! I ran out of pullups and didn't want to go buy any, so I told him he had to wear underwear and it's working so far! I hope he keeps it up because I really don't want to buy pullups any more.

We took the kids to go and see Wall-E this weekend and it was ADORABLE! I totally recommend it. I loved it, Akoni fell asleep, but I loved it.

That's about it for now. Not much going on.


Ilene said...

Akoni was always a party pooper, huh?

Thanks for the movie recommendation and congrats on not having to wash a set of sheets for a few days!

The Hoskins said...

You liked Wall-E, huh? We weren't big fans, but I guess it depends on who you see it with. I will, however, recommend Get Smart. It was hilarious! Awesome for Kenyon on the underwear! That will be fabulous!