Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!!!

Well our 4th was sooo much fun. We started the day by having a flag raising/Breakfast at our church. Since I am on the activities committee, my friend Anita and I went and set up the night before. I would post a picture, but of course I still don't have my camera, but it looked soo cute. We had all the tables set up with red, white and blue table cloths. Then we (and a lot of helpers, thank goodness) made Pancakes, sausages and hashbrowns for about 100 people! It was so fun. Well I thought it was, it was very crazy in the kitchen, but I think it was a success!!

Then we all went home and rested.

Later we went and had a BBQ at our bishops house which was so fun. Then we headed over to Gilroy High School to watch the fireworks. It was a blast!! Okay, I know that's lame. But it was great. We sat right by the baseball field and they had all the fireworks set up on the baseball field. We were so close that you could feel the fireworks! It was kind of scary too because one of them malfunctioned and flew straight at where we were sitting. Thank goodness the fence was there!! So here is a video of the grand finale!!

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