Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Picture Day!

Adriann had her school pictures the other day and I forgot that I had taken pictures of her before she left for school. As kindergarten moms, I am sure that we were all worried if their shirts would last until picture time, but Adriann's teacher told us that they were first to get their pictures taken!! So hopefully she still looked like this at picture time!!

And of course Kenyon had to dress nice too that day, so here is a picture of him.

And here's a picture of them together.

Then here is a picture of these gold chains that Kenyon got out of those quarter machines that they have at the Dollar store. No, I did not give him money to buy them, he went over to the machine and turned the knob twice and two chains came out!! Lucky guy, but he wanted to wear them so bad, so I put them on him and he would not take them off. They are so ugly, but he loved them. They finally got stuck on something and broke off of his neck and were unfixable!!! Too bad!!

1 comment:

Ilene said...

Ah, you know he wears those chains because Akoni wears a few around his neck too.

He's just trying to be like his daddy.