Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boo Hoo!

No, it's not a Halloween Greeting. I am sad because Akoni is gone till Sunday. He got a great opportunity to go to North Carolina for a conference, so he is off and gone for a few days. What am I going to do while he's gone? I thought I would be sitting around honestly, but I have actually got a lot of things done today! I went to the store, vacuumed, cleaned my kitchen, got dinner (pizza, I couldn't resist after talking about it at the playground!), bathed one child (the other is sleeping), and am doing laundry! So overall, very productive! But this is the first day, so who knows what else I'll get done in the next few days besides going to the grocery store because we do have to eat something other than cheese sticks which is all that is left in my fridge!


The Hamlin Family said...

Hey Kim...Matt is going to the OSU VS Utah Football game tomorrow. That reminds me of the times when we would get together and watch the games in Oregon. Maybe Akoni is "secretly" going to the game...hahaha!!! Hang in there...Sunday will come so faster than you think!!!

Jennifer Finally said...

Go Utes!!!!

Mom & Dad said...

Have a girls night with some friends. Either invite some girlfriends over or get a sitter and go out with some girlfriends. Go see a chick flick with a friend. Do some early Christmas shopping. I could think of a lot of funs things to do with girl friends. Think about it, you deserve it! Love ya Mom G