Monday, December 1, 2008

Emergency Preparedness FHE

So we decided to test out our MRE's that we got in our 72 hour kits from Akoni's parents from a few years back. We thought it would be fun to have a Family Home Evening lesson on Emergency Preparedness, and so for dinner we cooked some of the food that was in the kits. Luckily we also thought it would be fun to pretend that there was no electricity and just use flashlights, so we couldn't really see the food we were eating! So how did our meal go you are probably wondering........well I will just say that if I was STARVING TO DEATH, I would eat the food. One smelled like throw up, the chicken was more like tuna which wasn't that bad, and the rest was......well I'm glad the lights were very dim.

So overall it was a good experience. The kids now appreciate my cooking more, Adriann kept crying the whole time that she wanted REAL food like the kind mom makes!! But we also found out that Kenyon will eat just about anything and that we don't have to worry about him starving at all!! Oh, but the Chocolate covered Oatmeal cookies were really good, so we will be reordering that one item!

But it was a fun FHE to do with the kids and we have decided to work on Emergency Preparedness the next couple of FHE's so that we can at least be somewhat prepared with the kids.


Marissa and Scott said...

That's such a great idea! I guess it was a good idea to dim the lights after all... But at least you wouldn't starve. :)

Ilene said...

I'm still working on putting food into my emergency kits. Canned food storage would totally work, right?

So long as Dan is the one carrying that load.