Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking at Jack's Peak

A few weekends ago, Yeah I'm way behind, we went Hiking at Jack's Peak which is down is Carmel Valley. It was so much fun except that we had to really make sure that the kids stayed on the trail and didn't touch anything because there was poison oak EVERYWHERE!!

There was also a notice at the head of the trails about what to do if you encounter a mountain lion. Luckily and much to Adriann's disappointment, we didn't see any mountain lions. I had to keep reminding her that it wasn't like a zoo, we didn't WANT to see the mountain lion!!

This was the view from one of the lookouts, it was gorgeous and this picture does not do it justice.

Akoni and the kids.

Me and Kamden, yes I was there but this is the only photo of me. And thanks to a friend in our ward (lisa) we borrowed her backpack and it was great!!

Kenyon carrying all of his stuff. He found this giant pinecone and wouldn't put it down.

Of course Adriann has to find something to make into jewelry! She wanted to keep them, but I accidently threw them out of the car when we were leaving.

The kids being funny.

More funnyness.

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