Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank you to my 6 year old!!

I know I have lots of other things to post about, but I had to send a quick thank you to my six year old for humbling me today. Her class had a gift exchange today on their last day of school. There was a $10 limit and while I struggled at the store to try and get the most for my dollar, I got a gift that I wouldn't mind if she was the one receiving it. At the party I saw all the gifts and knew that some of them were pretty nice, especially the one with the gold foil stickers from a delicious chocolate store!! So as they were all giving and getting their gifts, a boy stood up with a small flat package that I could tell was a book and being a horrible person I thought to myself, Oh please don't pick Adriann's name!! Well of course he picked her name. So when they all opened their presents, I was amazed at what some of the kids were opening (way over the $10 limit), and when Adriann opened up her (used) book about animals, I could not believe how excited she was! I felt so horrible for wishing that she would get one of the big gifts. She has been carrying the book around with her, she even took it into Target with her, and is so excited to read it to her brother when he gets home today.

So I had to just give my little girl some props for loving her gift and not even complaining (or crying like one little girl) because she didn't get one of the, what I thought, better gifts.

I love her with all my heart and she really humbled me today.


Marissa and Scott said...

What a sweet little girl you have. That would've humbled me too b/c I would've reacted the same way you did. Thank goodness we have our innocent little ones to help us out. :)

Emily K. said...

Wow, this gave me goosebumps, Kim. What a sweet little girl. Little kids are so close to the spirit, and full of love. You know she is the way is, because of her wonderful parents!