Monday, April 26, 2010

Hand Foot and Mouth, Yuck!

The day after Easter Kamden woke up with all of these sores around his mouth. I could not think of why he would have them. I thought maybe he ate something he was allergic to or was really acidic? Anyway, they got worse as the day went on and I put him in the bath after lunch and noticed that his hands were getting the sores also. Then it hit me, Hand Foot and Mouth disease! The other two kids never got it so I wasn't sure if it was that. I took him to the doctor and Yep, that's what it was. They told me that he had a strange strand of it that's going around where it's not in his mouth, so it shouldn't be painful to him. Well thank goodness for that. But it is still disgusting and we had to stay home all week because it is really contagious in children under 2. Which is a good thing because none of us were at risk of getting it.

So here is Kamden passing the time being stuck at home doing his favorite thing, throwing all the kids dishes on the floor!

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