Monday, April 26, 2010

SPRING BREAK at Home Depot

Spring Break was Last Month, I'm a little behind, but I wanted to share what we did. The first week was fun to just sleep in and be lazy! Yeah we have 2 weeks for Spring Break! Then the second week we went to the Spring Break Camp at Home Depot. Every morning from 9-11, they had an activity for the kids to do. It was so fun, they got to color tiles, paint pots and plant flowers, run a relay race, and one day a turtle sanctuary brought a ton of turtles for the kids to pet and feed. It was such a fun thing for them to look forward to every day.

I just learned that the first Saturday of every month they hold a workshop for kids. So the last day of the week just happened to be the first Saturday of April, and so we got to go to an official workshop. They get to do a craft and they get a button to put on their apron (which they got during the camp). So they can collect the buttons. They are so cute and have a picture of what the days activity is. So this activity was to make a hummingbird house and the button had a picture of the house on it!

They also get a certificate when they complete their activity!
You can also stay and paint the houses, but I really didn't want to transport wet houses in the car, so we opted to paint them at home!

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kristib said...

My kids love the Saturday workshops! We have lot of fun projects from the Home Depot over the years.