Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School!!

I can't believe that School is already here! The kids have been so excited to go and I have been excited for them to go too! I now have 2 of them gone! Except that now it's really quiet around the house and I'm kind of bored.....I'm SURE I will find something to occupy my time!

The kids outside before leaving for school. Kamden had to get in a picture!

Adriann with her new shirt, fleece and shoes that Grandma got her, and she had shorts, but it was cold today, so she wore her......Hannah Montana Jeans (Yikes, I actually bought her some!), that she has been dying to wear!

Kenyon with his new shirt and "Skater shoes" that he picked out.

I can't believe that they are already in Kindergarten and the 2nd grade. Kenyon ended up having 3 friends that he knew in his class! And they would all ride the shuttle together after school to the main campus to meet older siblings, so that will be nice for all of them. Adriann ended up having lots of her friends from last year also in her class and thankfully the girl we carpool with, so she should have a great year.

Here's the after school picture as I was picking them up from school. Kenyon got off the bus and yelled "Mom, School was so fun! When do I get to go again!" Hopefully he will still have that energy for the next 13+ years!!


Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

You are bored? Ummm hellooooo???? Me too! Lets have a play date (aka use that as an excuse for us to hang out and see if Kamden and Logan have anything to do with each other!)

Susanne said...

Look how big they're getting! So are you guys still doing the Spanish immersion program? My kids start school next week. Can't wait!! By the way, I haven't been on your blog for a while. We went to the enchanted forest when we were little. I LOVED that place! :-D

Sarah said...

It's so hard to beleive that both our boys are in kindergarten. Time flies...I sure miss you guys.