Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Vacation - Enchanted Forest

*We went on a 3 week Family vacation this summer. Long story short, my camera broke and I had to exchange it and had to give them the card that had all my pictures on it. I luckily downloaded all the pictures onto my mom's computer, and so I am waiting for those pictures from the first half of our vacation. We went to Nevada (just slept overnight),Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Washington (just for church, it was my Aunt and Uncle's mission farewell) and Oregon. Here is from the last week of our trip, the rest will come later. Akoni was only with us for the first week, so it's not that we just didn't take any pictures of him the rest of the trip. He had to go back to work and I stayed to go the the Oregon Coast with my family and then hang out the next week. The trip actually got cut short because Kenyon got really sick and so Akoni flew out early to drive home with us.*

Week 3

Growing up, we used to go to this place. It is like a mini Disneyland for Fairy Tales. It's Awesome! So we decided to take all the kids to it one day. We had so much fun.

Right outside the entrance.

In the castle you walk thru to get to the rest of the park.

Hansel and Grettle's House.

Going thru the Rabbit Hole for Alice and Wonderland......

.......Coming out thru the Door on the other end!

This house was cool, it was built on a huge slant and you walked thru the whole house and had to try not to fall!!

Old Mother Hubbard's shoe slide!

Abraham Lincoln was there to take pictures with. Kind of random, but fun. He gave Kenyon a sword and he was loving it!

Learning to Rope a Steer, well we didn't, but Adriann liked the hat! This was in Western Town.

Shootin' guns also in Western Town.

You had to pay to ride any of the rides, so we let the kids pick one. This one was kind of like the Matterhorn, but much smaller.

Eating Ice cream at the end. It was so much fun and perfect weather, and REALLY good ice cream!!


Jennifer said...

Ah, love Enchanted Forest!

DianeM said...

Bummer we barely missed you guys in Oregon. It would be fun to try to get together sometime. I loved Enchanted Forest as a kid but have never taken mine. I should do that sometime, it looks like tons of fun.