Sunday, October 17, 2010

Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley

Last week we wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch and decided to try a different one than we normally go to. Well we decided to try out Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley. Not really a Pumpkin Patch. It was cute, but they just had piles of pumpkins to pick from, so we just kind of walked around the place and left empty handed. Not really what we were looking for.

There was a fun little teepee for the kids to play in.

This was a rock labyrinth, but he sprinkler was on, so the kids were trying to run around it without getting wet, yeah right!

They also had a cute little corn maze. I hate corn mazes, so Akoni took the kids in and I waited for them to hopfully return!

Yes!! They made it thru!

Even Kamden didn't get lost!!
Guess we'll have to try a different place to get Pumpkins, so go back to our same place we go every year! They don't have U-pick places here, unless anyone knows of one?

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Amanda & AJ said...

Hey, You guys should try the one in Morgan Hill! It's great, they have train rides and hay rides through the corn to butterfly valley and corn mazes and tons of pumpkins to choose from! Big and little. It was a lot of fun. It's called uesugi
farms they have a website too, i just google it. :)