Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hiking in Big Sur

Akoni had the day off and so we went hiking out at Big Sur. We had never been there and it was a really foggy day so we decided to head south and hope it was sunnier. Well it was, it was BEAUTIFUL!

We did a small hike to a little waterfall. The kids had so much fun, but there was Poison Oak all over the place. Thank goodness that Akoni was with us because he kept pointing it out to us. Luckily no one got it on themselves!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful! Do you use an insert in your Ergo? We have the carrier, but we didn't get it until Rachel was 6 months old. I know I need to get something for the infant...just wondering!

Jennifer said...

You're awesome! We'd love the Ergo insert if you're ready to pass it on--I don't care if it matches or not. ;) I'm due November 24--so yeah, about 4 months from now. Thanks so much!!