Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Cream fun with friends!

These are Adriann's 2 best friends. The one on the far right is moving this next week and the other one is moving in December. They are both in military families, so that's why they are moving. We had them over for one last play date and they put on a fashion show and dance show for me! IT was priceless! I totally forgot to get pictures, but I did get this of them after they made homemade ice cream.

That big green ball in the front of the picture is this really fun ice cream maker that you have to roll around to make the ice cream. So the kids got to work and had it made in about 20 minutes! Then they got to decorate the ice cream with sprinkles! They had a blast!

Kenyon even helped with the rolling so the girls let him have some ice cream also.

I think Kamden's bowl had more sprinkles than ice cream. The lid fell off of the sprinkles he was pouring and all the sprinkles fell into his bowl! Oh well, he actually only took about 3 bites.

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