Monday, August 29, 2011

San Fran!

We went up to San Fran for the day last week. We went to Golden Gate Park and they have this really cool slide that you sit on cardboard and slide down. It was a huge hit with the boys. By the end Kamden didn't even need any help. He would pick up his piece of cardboard and hike up the stairs and slide down all by himself. Adriann did it a few times, but she was wearing white pants and didn't want to get them all dirty!

Here we are with 3 of Akoni's cousins that we visited while we were there. It was fun to meet them and hang out for a few hours. We went to dinner at a yummy chinese place and had ice cream at a create your own type of place. Huge hit with the kids!


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Love the pictures of the crazy cousins! It brings back lots of memories. Love Mom and Dad Ganir