Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kenyon's 7th Birthday

Kenyon's 7th Birthday was a few weeks ago. The day started off with "Grandma Julie" bringing homemade pancakes in funny shapes, whipped cream and orange juice over in the morning before school! What a treat!!

While he was at school we went and got him 7 balloons and made him a Basketball cake.

About to open presents. Kamden isn't mad, this is the only picture that at least 3 of them looked good!

The long awaited DS game he has wanted.

Seriously mom, more legos? I know, shoot me now. But he loves them and I would much rather waste the money on something he loves then on something I will throw away in a week!

A few days after his birthday he had his party. He had a bunch of boys over and we had cake, presents, played a game and then took them all to the Hockey rink to roller skate.

Hopefully you can tell that his cake is a Rollerblade.

The best gift! A tub of Licorice!

His party was a blast and the kids have been begging to go back to the skating rink. It was the perfect party for a bunch of boys to burn off all their energy. Happy Birthday Bud!!

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