Friday, March 23, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies!!

Adriann joined Girl Scouts this year, and just in time for cookie time! We have been walking the neighborhoods and standing outside Walmart, Savemart, Safeway and the Post Office in Pebble Beach selling cookies for a month! I am so over it! This is our last week to get all the cookies sold and I can't wait for it to be over. I have to say that I am soooo proud of Adriann. At the beginning of all of this she had presold 100 cookies all by herself. To get her Individual Selling Patch or something like that, she had to have presold 175 cookies. So we said that we would go ahead and preorder the other 75 and hopefully sell them or we would have to pay the $300 for those cookies. I was terrified! Well as of today, Adriann has sold almost 1,000 boxes!! She is 24 boxes away! How amazing is that! Her goal was 1,500 because they get an ipod touch, but for the 1,000 boxes they get a Flip Video Camera! Cool prize huh?! And she did it pretty much all by herself. We would take her to the booth sales and our own selling spots, but she had to sell the cookies. It was a fun experience, but we are all so glad it's over!

This is Adriann on our first day of walking around the neighborhood. Our friend let us borrow this basket to wheel around all the cookies. Sooo thankful for that!!
And if anyone is wanting to buy any Cookies there is only 5 days left of selling till next year!! We have plenty of cookies in our troop to get rid of, or donate to the Troops oversees. Just let me know!!

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