Friday, February 29, 2008

I did ask if it was okay to brag!!

So apparently no one is happy for me that I haven't been sick. Just kidding, if I had been throwing up for 3 three weeks (ERIN), then I would hate me to. And the wood I knocked on was my computer desk, so if you're looking for some lucky wood, come on over! So the same friend Erin asked how we stay so healthy and don't manage to get sick. WEll here is how we do it in our house and it seems to work for us:

1) The kids play outside and happen to only gravitate to the one part that is all mud, and procede to fling it at eachother.

2) The kids like to play in a huge flower pot of our neighbors that is full of muddy water and cigarette butts.

3) Kenyon is constantly playing with his gum, dropping it on the floor, stepping on it, and then putting it back into his mouth!!

4) If Kenyon doesn't like the taste of something, he rubs his tounge across the carpet to get the taste off of his tongue.

5) Adriann constantly plays outside in her swimsuit, never wears a jacket, and takes her shoes and socks off the minute we get anywhere.

6) Kenyon licks everything and everyone.

So I think that for our family, Mud, Dirt and anything Disgusting keep us healthy and sick free.

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The Christensons said...

i am laughing so hard right now! love your kids! our kids would get along juuuuust fiiiine!