Saturday, July 12, 2008

At least we know it's hard to break in!!

So we have our bedroom door as a locked door so we can lock the kids out at night. It's not so we can get frisky, I can't stand them sleeping with us because they are both kickers and I don't really want to be peed on by Kenyon. So today I am babysitting my friends two kids and I locked both sets of keys to our bedroom in the bedroom!! Well long story short, our bedroom cannot be broken into. My friend Sarah's husband Joe tried and could not get into the sliding glass door to our bedroom. The only other option was to take the screen off of the tiny bathroom window above the shower and put my friend's son Slate thru the window so that he could unlock the door from the inside. The reason we chose to send Slate thru the window is because he is tall and skinny and so there was less distance from the window to the floor of the shower for him to fall. So it all went to plan and we were able to get back into our bedroom!!


The Hoskins said...

I'm familiar with the "send-the-kid-through-the-window" tactic. I have employed it a few times myself. There's never a dull moment!

Caldwells said...

I just thought I would drop a "HI" on Akoni. I am Stacy's friend, Karie who went with her to his homecoming. I saw your blog through hers so here I am.....
Darling kids, too! I have had my share of sending my oldest through the bathroom window too so I hear ya!
Glad to see you are doing well!!!