Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March!

After our Home Depot Spring Break Camp activity today, the kids and I went to Carmel beach so that we could feed the chipmunks. I have had a bag of peanuts sitting in the cupboard for months that I forgot about from the last time we fed the chipmunks and had put it in my car so some time this week we could use them, so I thought we might as well use them today. It was a beautiful day and figured we might as well take advantage because who knows how long it will last. It was a spur of the moment thing and I was unprepared for a beach outing, so just remember is our adventure:

When we got there I tried to get a decent picture of the kids in hope of replacing the ones on my mantle that are over 2 years old. This is the best I could get. It's more difficult with 3, but it does show their personalities.

Kamden finally smiling when he got a cookie.

This rope swing is a new addition. The kids had a blast on it.

Another attempt at getting the 3 of them to look good.

Beautiful view of Pebble Beach.

This is a picture with me yelling in the background "Don't get in the water, I don't have any clothes for you or any towels if you get wet!" (forshadow?)

Kamden luckily was content to just sit and play in the sand.

I don't know if you can tell, but he is wearing a seaweed necklace. He loves to put necklaces on and he found this and put it on all by his self.
And then he tried to eat it.

Kenyon looking kinda wet......

And this is why mom said not to play in the water..........
Running from the waves...
Adriann looking soaking wet....
But loving every minute of it!

My final attempt at getting a group photo and it was a success!!! Well it was better than the other two!!

Back feeding the squirrels. Kamden was so excited whenever he would see one, it's in the tree.

Adriann have a blast on the swing!
We had such a fun time, even with all the wet kids and them having to ride home naked!! Next time I will definitely bring clothes and towels.

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Stacy said...

Wow, I've never seen that swing. I love the pictures. I can't believe little man is walking!