Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adriann's 8th Birthday

Adriann's 8th Birthday was last week and I came down with the flu the night before! It was awful! I literally layed in my bed the entire day. Akoni was awesome and took control and made it such a great day for her. She got to open up a few gifts in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with Dad and Kenyon. They went to the gym, lunch and the mall. She got to go and get her ears pierced FINALLY! She has been counting down the days till she turned 8 so she could get it done. Apparently she didn't even flinch. I was so sad that I couldn't go, but how fun it was for her to do it with her dad. He probably handled it better than I would have. She picked out some flower earings that has different colored diamonds all over. She is so funny too because she is constantly wanting to wash them so that they don't get infected! That is why we waited till she was 8, she is actually concered and is taking care of her ears! She is also wanting to wear pony tails now so that everyone can see her ears, she's so funny!

Since she was gone the whole day our friend Monica made her birthday cake! What a lifesaver and good friend. I did come out of the bedroom to help sing and watch her blow out her candles. Afterwards she told me she had the best day ever, so I'm glad that I didn't ruin anything for her by being so sick.

Her big gift was a new bike that she desperately needed! She is on it everyday. Even if she is just riding it around in circles in the garage, she loves it! It has pegs on the back and I made the mistake of putting Kamden on them, so now all he wants to do is stand on them, with me right next to him of course!


Sheri said...

I was actually just going to email you and tell you that I could NOT believe that Adriann was EIGHT! Holy cow!

Sarah said...

Happy 8th Birthday Adriann...Alex has the same bike.